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The services we do not use on the Internet are usually run from a central location, and this central location is called a data center. The data center is one of the designated stations on the Internet. The stations from which the data is serviced to us. Here each data is given different forms, the data is processed, controlled, transported to different places within a network. All the computers in a data center are connected back to a major computer.
Suppose you watch a video on YouTube online, then press the play button - then the command passed through our local ISP through the International ISP to the Google data center, from there the request process and the digital data of the video is returned to our device in the same way. Be able to watch the video - it takes only milliseconds.

The essence of this technology, in fact, is that the data exchange between the data center and the device takes place within milliseconds. What made a network possible, its name is the Internet. Today I will talk about this data center only. And this data center is the engine of the Internet, this data center is the life and main driver of the Internet. No data center, no internet.

We use various Google services such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Search and the Google data center. Again, I have been using various Microsoft services for this purpose. The university is submitting its admission form by completing their website, here it is also working at the university's data center. Again, most banks in Bangladesh have their own big data centers for electronic transfer and transaction. As many important websites as the Government of Bangladesh has, it runs on its own data center.

A data center is an infrastructure. This infrastructure is composed of a powerful computer or server. Here, many servers receive data from the network, process it, control it and send it back to the customer level, in the middle of this sending function the data is recovered. Data centers do the same thing day and night. The image of the data center is usually like this - since there are many servers in a large room or building, they are arranged on a large refrigerator-shaped rack. Here each server is connected to the same network. The servers are very high specification done. In each of these data centers, one server handles all the tasks in a coordinated manner, collecting data from the customer stage and processing it to make it understandable data to the customer center, all the responsibility is on the data center.

These data centers can be called a single server. Just as a single cell in a body, so is a single server in a data center. Each of these data center servers is based on specialized software installed by their company. It can be seen that sometimes around 3-5 servers of three or four racks work together on the same software or algorithm. Suppose Google search, you search or search Google for various reasons, it appears that there are about 8 servers working together to provide the users with various search processes and results. Again, Gmail's mail system is acting as a controller, as well as a cohesive server. Whether you are visiting a website, all the minor tools or big tools within that website, the design of that website, the bandwidth cost for the website that the visitor is visiting is all controlled from the data center. Programming these data center servers into a very complex algorithm, these algorithms have gone to another stage. With the use of Augmentet Reality entering these algorithms, data center servers are providing a whole new experience to online service providers with artificial intelligence. However, just remember that the servers run on the algorithm. For example, Google search uses the Google special Google search algorithm for search that no one else knows about.

The technology used in modern data centers is the cloud computing system. There is no data stored on a single machine or server. The data is stored in one of the data center's storage locations. And so even though a server is damaged in the data center here, users do not have to suffer. However, if the data was only stored on the storage drive of a PICCAL server, there would have been fear of losing the data if the server was lost here.

Now, depending on different companies, what they will actually do with their data center. There are some companies that want to do web hosting, virtual server or VPS sales with their data center, and they align their data center and server algorithms or software operating systems that way. For example, you need a place on Windsor to create a website, and if you own a website, you can use the data center with money.

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