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বাজেট  ও মানিব্যাক গ্যারান্টি

Budget and Moneyback Guarantee

Your budget must be realistic.One thing to keep in mind is that you will get services such as pay money.If you have the cheapest three conditions, you will have to deal with downtime, site slow loading. So think about this before buying.
Moneyback guarantee is very important. Many companies offer a 6-day Moneyback Guarantee. Before buying, make sure the company offers a Moneyback guarantee.

ডিস্ক স্পেস

Disk Space

Many people focus on unlimited hosting when creating new web sites. Remember that Unlimited has a limit and as a bonus there are unlimited issues. Have you ever watched Unlimited Harddisk, whose space or file you need no matter how much space it expires. Is it possible If the answer is not yours then I hope from now on, Unlimited Disk does not say anything. Because your provider's server and mine like your computer's hard disk is served from disk. So how do you get unlimited disk space if the server's disk is not unlimited? Calculate how much space your web site will require. If you want to have a personal web site with only a few pages then 5 MB space is sufficient. And if the thought is a personal blog type web site then 25-5 MB space is enough. And if you are thinking about pictures, songs, videos, then you have to look at the big web space.

ব্যান্ডউইথ  ও  BDIX ব্যান্ডউইথ

Bandwidth ও BDIX bandwidth

Every time the reader / visitor visits your website, those pages, pictures, songs, videos, everything on those pages are downloaded to the reader's computer. Initially, a site's 5GB bandwidth is sufficient. It doesn't have to cost much for a personal site. And if your site has a lot of images, videos, etc. then a lot of bandwidth may be required. 1-5 GB or higher and higher. Now maybe I will not get the unlimited disk space. But unlimited bandwidth will certainly be available. Brother, stand here. Each server's port speed is fixed but fixed.

For example, the speed of the LAN card on your PC is fixed. Of course, you can upgrade the port speed of the PC / server to your needs. This can provide bandwidth if the server's port always loads bandwidth. Which is never really possible. And your provider will definitely not host your site there, there are a lot of clients like you that need unlimited bandwidth. So how do you get unlimited bandwidth from this limit bandwidth?

BDIX is synonymous with 'Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange.' With this you can easily download large size HD movie or file at super speed. It basically creates a kind of virtual network that allows you to easily download any file from their server at a much faster time.
To illustrate better, suppose you get 8-20 kbps speed during download time, but you will get speed when downloading from BDIX Server site too much! This speed can be from 1 to 25 Mbps! But yes, you must have BDIX connectivity for your ISP.
All mobile companies in Bangladesh have BDIX connectivity, so if your server host's data center is in Bangladesh, you will get much faster service.
Calculate how much space your web site will require. If you want to have a personal web site with only a few pages then 5 MB space is sufficient. And if the thought is a personal blog type web site, then 25-5 MB space is enough. And if you are thinking about pictures, songs, videos, then you have to look at the big web space.



Uptime is very important for a website. As long as the host's server is active, your website will be active as well. This is important not only for the reader, but also for search engine optimization. Once the reader comes to your website and finds that your website is not working, he will have an adverse reaction and may not in the future. Likewise if the website is down during the search engine bot index, it will go back and you will be deprived of indexing your website.

প্রতিষ্ঠানের সামগ্রিক অবস্থা

The overall status of the organization

Before buying a hosting company, try to know if the hosting company is good or bad. You can understand how users view the company as they view the company's reviews. Whether or not the billing software the company uses makes it viable. Or make sure you use theft software. It is not advisable to expect anything good from those who provide services using piracy scripts.



Support is an important issue in today's world. If your server is down and it takes a few days to report and get an answer, you could lose millions of visitors. And if you are a reseller client then you are in great danger. Your client will have nothing to answer to. So make sure how fast the company support. Ask the hosting company how their Guaranteed Support Response Time is. And through what support.

হোস্টিং ফিচার

Hosting Features

If there is a limitation in the hosting plans, it is often not mentioned well. So compare the plans to see if the bags match your needs. If you want to build a site on ASP.NET, you will need to host Windows. Does not run on Linux hosting. See if they can offer the features you need.

টেকনিক্যাল সীমাবদ্ধতা ও লিমিটেশন জেনে নেওয়া

Knowing the technical limitations and limitation

The Term of Services page provides what you can host on your hosting and how much space, bandwidth, CPU you can use. Therefore, the company's terms of services have to be read.
If you want to create sites like blogs, e-commerce, live video etc. then it would be wise to not go for three cheap. Hardware configurations of servers with cheap packages are not very good. As a result, your site will be offline / down most of the time, which is not good for you and your visitors. So from the organization you choose, find out which one is best for you. Don't defame the organization by being harassed by your own forgetfulness.

কন্ট্রোল প্যানেল

Control panel

You need Control Panel to manage your web site. Control panel lets you easily manage your web site. The easiest and most feature-rich control panel on web hosting is cPanel or Plesk. Even if you are new to the web, you have to install scripts, setup e-mails, set up FTP accounts without the help of a provider. In this case, cPanel or Plesk's interface benefits you.
The control panel of the domain is different from the hosting control panel. Before buying a domain you must know whether you will be given a domain control panel and whether you can transfer it if needed in the future.

ই-মেইল সুবিধা

E-mail facility

This is a very important thing. You must not be mistaken to ask your favorite organization about this topic. If you have sperm problems on your site then you should understand that they are unable to provide sufficient benefits. So know in advance about e-mail facilities and sperm solutions.

শেয়ার্ড হোস্টিং , ভিপিএস নাকি ডেডিকেটেড সার্ভার?

Shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server?

This is a very important thing. When you select a shared hosting provider to host your website or web application, you must have a good idea about the shared hosting options, so that you can select the appropriate option for you. The three most commonly used and trusted options are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Hosting. The question is which one is perfect for you? Here I will try to give you a clear guideline on three issues.

Shared hosting is the most common hosting solution whose main feature is low cost. But have we ever wondered why it costs less? Shared hosting name implies that all the resources of this hosting such as operating system, disk space, bandwidth etc. are shared with many users. Basically shared hosting allows multiple users to host their information. Multiple users doesn't mean 2/3. 25/1 can even be 5. If you are 1 of 5 people, you can use 1/3 of a server. And 3 percent of the full cost is taking the company away from you. So the price is so low. This solution is small enough for any website. However, there are many types of limitation for its use. As your website and customer reach grow, you will find that your website is not as user-friendly as before. There may be many obstacles such as a website down or slow. Apart from the privacy of your website, you cannot pay the maximum security even though you do not have access to the server. In such cases you will have to go to VPS or dedicated hosting, except for shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server / VPS Hosting: Suppose a dedicated server has 5 GB of disk space and 5 GB of bandwidth. Now, I divided this server evenly into 3 parts. Then the disk space was reduced to 1 GB and bandwidth to 1 GB. This is a part of what is called a virtual server. So if the whole server uses 5 users then you are 3 out of 5 users. By having 3 out of 5 people, you get the benefit of shared hosting, you can get a lot more benefits than 4 out of 5 people. Because you have VPS root control panel, your website's security can be much better maintained than shared hosting. Due to the increased bandwidth usage, more visitors will be able to access your website without downtime. Due to the higher resources, VPS prices are comparatively higher.

When a computer is used solely as a server, it is called a dedicated server. And what we call this dedicated server hosting is dedicated hosting. Dedicated web hosting is now used for all kinds of small and large businesses as it gives you much more flexibility. There is enough information here that "you can enjoy the benefits of 1 shared hosting user or 1 VPS user alone." Hosting a good dedicated server allows you to give millions of visitors the opportunity to browse your website. Dedicated hosting allows you to control everything. Hopefully from the above discussion you get some idea about the hosting options. If you have a higher hosting budget, it is better to host your website on a dedicated server or VPS. If the budget is low, first you will get shared hosting, then upgrade to VPS as needed, and take dedicated hosting when there are many visits to your website.

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